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Test Management Process: A Complete Guide

By March 2, 2023August 11th, 2023Software development

Testing as an Outsourced Managed Service – Part II In my previous article I introduced the concept of testing as a managed service, discussed how it wo… The technical storage or access that is used exclusively for anonymous statistical purposes. Therefore, when choosing a tool, you should also take into account the ease of changing or adding new modules.

A significant crucial challenge here is to keep all of them up to date with market trends. Test beds are used to test rocket engines and in aircraft development for testing purposes. Physical facilitators are needed, and the software configuration binds up together and is treated as a test bed. Test management enables developers to make sure that there are fewer design or coding faults. Test Management has a clear set of roles and responsibilities for improving the quality of the product. Bill Clayton is a Principal Consultant for BMC AMI DevX. He specializes in Test Data Management and has been with the company for over 20 years.

Test Management Process: A Complete Guide

Highly intuitive web application that provides a complete picture of a project’s status and health yet requires only a web-browser. SpiraTest includes an extensive reports library that can display information such as Requirements Coverage, Test Case Execution, and Incident Status. SpiraTest allows you to build a customized reporting dashboard featuring your frequently-used graphs, charts and reports. Within SpiraTest, you can map each requirement to one or more test case that validates that the functionality works as expected.

  • Test management ensures the delivery of high-quality products that completely suffice on customers’ requirements.
  • Access to these areas is typically more widely exposed to a larger variety of resources, including in-house staff, consultants, partners, outsourcers, and offshore personnel.
  • When these issues arise, you have to be ready to deal with them – or they can potentially affect the project’s outcome.
  • Becca has worked as a technical and corporate recruiter in the UK for several years, scouting the best talent in different IT disciplines, including quality assurance.
  • Check out for some other features availability like import/export, incorporation with other systems, crash analytics, etc.

They could be executed with minimum programming capability, taking into account simple installation and observing of the test procedure over numerous project groups. When installed, groups have immediate access to a UI and quickly begin running and recording test cases. Social media company wants to test a new feature that recommends personalized content to its users.

How to Implement Quality Assurance (QA) Into the Agile Process

Test data management is a critical aspect of software testing that ensures the effectiveness, efficiency, and security of testing processes. Industry-specific examples demonstrate how test data management is implemented in various domains, such as banking and healthcare, to address specific challenges and comply with regulations. Testing can be a daunting task for many organisations, and yet it’s an essential function that ensures the quality of software, applications and systems meet both customer and user expectations.

Test Monitoring helps achieve greater visibility of test results and coverage. For large or complex projects, an automated tool can help in test monitoring to gather the data, whereas, for small projects, one can gather all the data or documents about test progress. At OpenText, we’ve made it simple to centralize test management tools the test management process. When you look at the results of the urine ketone test, if it appears that you have small or trace amounts of ketones in your blood, it may indicate the beginning of ketone buildup. In that case, the ADA recommends testing your urine for ketones again in a few hours.

Training for a Team

You must create an efficient team and delegate tasks carefully for effective test execution. Test management helps ensure that high-quality software applications are delivered, which meet the customers’ demands. It helps develop the software application within stringent deadlines, facilitating collaboration between the testers and the developers.

What is the purpose of test management

The structure and management of testing operations inside a software development project are called test organization in software testing. It entails planning, arranging, and carrying out numerous testing procedures to guarantee that software products meet quality standards and needs. Defining testing objectives, identifying test requirements, creating test plans, designing test cases, executing tests, tracking defects, and reporting test findings are all part of the test organization. Test data management is the process of managing and controlling the data used for testing software applications. It involves the creation, provision, maintenance, and governance of test data to ensure accurate and effective testing. Test data management plays a crucial role in the software testing life cycle as it directly impacts the quality and reliability of the testing process and the resulting software product.


A test environment is a host/server that allows you to run the test cases according to the requirement of the user or software to be tested. It not only sets up the host but also integrates hardware, software, and network configurations. It is also important to provide bug-free functional applications to the user. This is done to ensure that the process is up to the mark and bugs are reported on time. All the necessary tools should be available when setting up, like debugging, defect reporting and all the essential tools required at the setup time.

He has worked with many of BMC’s customers in finance, health insurance, and government. Prior to joining BMC, Bill worked in tech for financial and manufacturing organizations in Europe and the USA. As in every year since the turn of the millennium, 2020 has had hundreds of breaches across the globe.

How to Take a Screenshot in Selenium With Code?

It provides a variety of masking methods, including encryption, substitution, and shuffling. The masking procedure can be tailored by testers to maintain data integrity while safeguarding sensitive information. If you are an enterprise officer you should be afraid, very afraid. Massive fines and settlements have been levied on many household named businesses in the past 2 years.

What is the purpose of test management

The method consists of organizing, controlling, ensuring traceability and visibility of the testing process in order to deliver a high-quality software application. The current information age deals with projects that follow project methodologies like Agile and DevOps, where the team has to deliver quality work in a short time. It is essential that your team uses not only automation tools for testing but also tools that automate maintaining the test results and other relevant data.

Step Plan Test Environment

SpiraTest includes a built-in custom report builder that lets you define report templates that can consist of multiple sections. 120+ third-party integrations with your favorite third-party tool for CI/CD, Project Management, Codeless Automation, and more. The Operating system and Testing server – An operating system is nothing but a program that you load into the computer through a boot program. In this post, we are going to explore what is test environment and its major features and elements related to a test environment. Integration with tools such as Bamboo, JIRA, Jenkins, Selenium, etc. Measure growth with informational dashboards and movement reports.

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